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What Our Graduates Say...

Travis McVay, MD Travis McVay, MD
Class of 2011

The 4 years I spent at UTMB were easily the best of my life. The family atmosphere made going to work everyday something to look forward to. The daily teaching and instruction I received helped me develop my personal style to deliver safe anesthetic care in multiple settings. I had access to every type of machine and airway device I would ever find in any hospital. The away rotations at Methodist and Driscoll gave me the opportunity to do anesthesia for the most complex patients I will likely ever see in my career. All of this made the transition to private practice a seamless one. I quickly became known as a skilled practitioner. The UTMB love didn't stop at graduation. I remain in touch consistently with former residents and attendings. I don't do much cardiac or high risk pediatric anesthesia in my current practice, but when I have patients that fall into these distinctions, my former attendings are still happy to help. I'm extremely proud to be an alumnus of the UTMB Anesthesiology residency.

Rahul Dasgupta, MD Rahul Dasgupta, MD
Class of 2010

I think of the training and support I received during residency periodically and am so thankful for it. Having great attendings in a kind, supportive atmosphere really helped my grow. I feel it also allowed me to thrive in my pediatric anesthesia fellowship, and beyond as a new attending at Arkansas Children's' Hospital. I am so happy to have been a resident at UTMB.

Ruby Rubio, MD Ruby Rubio, MD
Class of 2010

After residency, I was very well prepared to start in a private practice. I have memories of great faculty that made sure we were all well educated and proficient anesthesiologist, while providing a respectful working environment. Resident were always well taken care of including supervision, breaks, and educational materials. It was a family like environment that is hard to find elsewhere.

Julie Broussard, MD Julie Broussard, MD
Class of 2007

UTMB Anesthesiology wasn’t just a residency program for me, it became a part of who I am. I am the Chief Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of Parish Anesthesia of Lafayette and Practice at Lafayette General Medical Center in Lafayette, LA. Every day, I am faced with a wide range of clinical challenges ranging from preterm neonates to the oldest of geriatrics. Because of my thorough training at UTMB, I have the skill set to care for this broad age range and cater my anesthetic to their unique physiology and disease processes. ...read complete testimonial

David Nieto, MD David Nieto, MD
Class of 2007

I'm into my 3rd year with my group and I was made "Partner" a full year early as they recognized and appreciated my training and expertise with the Transesophageal Echo and am pretty much the main 'Heart' guy in my group. I can't emphasize enough how well we were trained there at UTMB. Often I am consulted on by my partners when they have a particularly difficult or sick patient and or to help with troubleshooting something. Residency is a time to consume so much information and develop so many skills all of which is very stressful and daunting and you have made it all that much more smooth a process. Thank you.

Martin Mueller, MD Martin Mueller, MD
Class of 2006

I really enjoyed my residency and would do it at UTMB all over in a heartbeat if I had to go back and choose again. The quality of teaching – both didactic and clinical - in the UTMB anesthesiology department is simply superb. Residents are not considered merely as “man-power” but as being there to learn; this attitude percolates down right from the Chair and the Program Director to the most junior assistant professor. ...read complete testimonial