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What Our Graduates Say...

Martin Mueller, MDMartin Mueller, MD
Residency Class of 2006
Fellow, Pediatric Anesthesiology
Texas Children’s Hospital
Houston, TX

I really enjoyed my residency and would do it at UTMB all over in a heartbeat if I had to go back and choose again. The quality of teaching – both didactic and clinical - in the UTMB anesthesiology department is simply superb. Residents are not considered merely as “man-power” but as being there to learn; this attitude percolates down right from the Chair and the Program Director to the most junior assistant professor. Several faculty in the department are nationally and internationally recognized, but more importantly, most are generally warm and friendly and like to teach.

During my residency, I had unparalleled hands-on training in the most difficult airway management (at the Shriners’ Burns Hospital) and neuraxial and peripheral nerve blockade techniques (at John Sealy Hospital): the two areas of anesthetic care where anesthesiologists (and surgeons/patients!) most value competence, especially during independent practice. I personally appreciated the opportunity to do research in traumatic brain injury as a resident: there are several great labs and mentors for residents who are inclined towards a more scientific track. The morning lectures, Morbidity and Mortality Conferences, Journal Club sessions, PBLDs, Anesthesia Jeopardy, and all the rest of the didactics were very useful and went a long way in supplementing my personal reading. I loved the late room system: I could earn some extra cash when I wanted to, and on other days, could leave at a decent time when my colleagues took over my cases at 4:30 p.m.

The generosity of the department is reflected in numerous ways such as the provision of personal computers for resident use at home over the residency; the faculty-sponsored “non-cafeteria” dinner (and dessert!) every night on call; the ample book and travel allowance; the open-bar Christmas and graduation parties; the department picking up the tab for the written boards; the annual allowance of $ 100 for OR shoes, etc.

I also loved the ease with which I could get around Galveston. I have great memories (and pictures) of playing with my little toddler on the beach, taking him to Moody Gardens and the Schlitterbahn. I equally appreciated the proximity to Houston and driving with my family to the Houston Zoo, the Children’s Museum or to a great restaurant.

Overall, I received an excellent training as a resident, have many wonderful memories of UTMB, and can highly recommend this program without the slightest hesitation.

I wish you all the best in your career. If you have any questions about UTMB, please email me (mmueller@bcm.edu) and I’d be happy to answer them.