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What Our Graduates Say...

Julie Broussard, MDJulie Broussard, MD
Residency Class of 2007
Lafayette General Medical Center

Lafayette, Louisiana

UTMB Anesthesiology wasn’t just a residency program for me, it became a part of who I am. I am the Chief Anesthesiologist and Medical Director of Parish Anesthesia of Lafayette and Practice at Lafayette General Medical Center in Lafayette, LA. Every day, I am faced with a wide range of clinical challenges ranging from preterm neonates to the oldest of geriatrics. Because of my thorough training at UTMB, I have the skill set to care for this broad age range and cater my anesthetic to their unique physiology and disease processes.

In addition to skills, UTMB Anesthesiology taught me the importance of leadership both within the confines of the OR suite but also hospital wide. The integrity and professionalism that the leaders of the UTMB Department of Anesthesiology demonstrate consistently, serve as role models for all residents who train there. The representation from the UTMB Anesthesiology department is far reaching and extends to both state and national anesthesiology societies. Because these leadership skills were encouraged and fostered in me during my training, I have continued to use these skills in the private practice setting.

UTMB has become a sort of home for me. It is neither where I am from, nor where I practice today. I have no real family there, but to me, is my professional homestead. My professors and teachers are like my parents; my fellow residents are my long lost siblings. Although most of us have moved away, I always know they are waiting for me and continue to offer support when I need advice. The Department of Anesthesiology is my family, and one of the best decisions of my life was to complete my residency training with them.