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Simulation Center Facilities


The Simulation Center at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston operates within a 1,200 square feet, specially constructed, technologically advanced teaching and recording studio. The METI Human Patient Simulator mannequin lies upon an operating table inside a large, simulated operating room. An additional room can be converted to an ICU or emergency room.   The site is fully equipped with medical gases, an anesthesia machine, supply cart, advanced physiological monitors, surgical lights, instruments, and tables. A scrub sink, cabinets, and learning stations, including “part-task” airway and central line placement trainers, line the walls, complete with intranet computer and telephone linkage. Immediately next to the simulated OR is the control room, which houses the computer interface to run the simulator, all electrical switches, a full array of video and voice recording equipment and advanced video analysis software. Indeed, the most powerful aspect of simulation training is the debriefing which involves the review of the videotaped exercise. Integration of the cardiovascular monitors into the videotape is possible. From the control room, electronic presentations or videos can be fed into the briefing room where lecturing and group discussions take place. The briefing room features an electronic "Smart Board" to facilitate computer/graphic presentations. Additionally, the center houses several other mannequins including; 1) a small child, 2) a 6 month baby and a portable mannequin (iStan®). The baby and the iStan® are mobile and can be placed anywhere for in-situ simulations.






Anesthesia Center Staff

Ronald Levy, MD

Assistant Director
Stefanie Fischer, MD

Education Director
Beth Teegarden, MD

Business Operations
Isela Ramos, MBA

Teaching Faculty
Axel Rodriguez, MD
Ryan Griffin, MD
Michael Cook, MD

Support Staff
Kathryn Gwinn