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Csaba Szabo, MD, PhD


Csaba Szabo

  • Professor of Anesthesiology

  • ResearchFellowship: The William Harvey Research Institute, University of London, England

    Medical School: Semmelweis University Medical School, Budapest, Hungary

    PhD: University of London, London, England

    Research Interests: Role of reactive oxidants and free radicals (nitricoxide, peroxynitrite, superoxide, hydrogen sulfide) in critical illness.Cell-based high-throughput screening. Molecular pharmacology of antioxidantsand cytoprotective agents. Cellular injury induced by hyperglycemia; mechanismsof diabetic complications. Role of PARP in cell injury. Mechanisms of cellnecrosis and apoptosis. Regulation of angiogenesis and wound healing.

    Honors, Awards: Peroxynitrite Award  (1999); Novartis Prize (2003);Dennis Gabor Award (2004); Texas Star Award (2009)