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Life in Galveston

Galveston at Sunset


An atmosphere in which a resident can thrive is essential to a successful training program. To allow residents time away from the hospital, we have reduced the after-hour duties of the residents by increasing faculty clinical commitment. Life beyond the hospital is full of opportunities on Galveston Island and in surrounding communities.

Galveston offers surf, sun, and much more. Recreational facilities include resorts, tennis courts, golf courses, and playing fields for baseball, rugby, soccer, and softball. Surfing, water skiing, sailing, jet skiing, horseback riding on the beach, and wind surfing are available. Fishing the fertile waters of Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico is always rewarding.

Our residents live on and off the island. There are many close surrounding communities including Clear Lake, Webster, and Tiki Island. Visit the City of Galveston website for more information and to view places to live in and around Galveston .

The UTMB field house has facilities for weight training, cardiovascular training, massage, swimming, tennis, running, softball, and basketball. UTMB exercise physiologists will customize a program for you. Membership is subsidized for our residents.