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Morning Lectures for This Week

9/23/2020 6:30 Economic Myth: Just shorten turnover times, and we can do more cases (Business-1 Block)   Abouleish, Amr
9/23/2020 7:00 Multimodal Analgesia for Acute Postoperative Pain (Pain Block) (Vascular Block)   Hustak, Erik
9/23/2020 7:40 Morbidity and Mortality   Masel, Brian / Dr. Prough
9/24/2020 6:30 Apac Case Conference (APAC Block)   Shabot, Sarah / Goordeen, Ashley / Wen, Michael
9/25/2020 6:30 Subspecialty Lectures  
9/25/2020 6:30 Monitoring, Jennie Sealy Hospital 2.506B (CA1 Topic of Week Block)   Subnani, Rakesh / Aggarwal, Shreya




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